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Get thrust into a futuristic neon world where the Spark has diminished; you need to ignite it again. Set in a large enclosed arena with energy orbs franticly bouncing around you; Your mission collect the orbs and shoot them at the pillars, be quick though you’ve only got a limited amount of time.  This was a collaborative project undertaken with LIMINAL VR as part of their partnership program.


This game has been chosen to be featured on LIMINAL VR's  platform and as such can be experienced along with many other experiences.

Contains 2 Builds

Oculus Rift Build

PC Build (Mouse Build)


-Game Design-

Troy Rogerson

Shaun Graham


Anne Hibble

Troy Rogerson


Angus Townsend


Kai Chiu


Spark Mouse 1.0.0.zip 46 MB
Spark Rift 1.0.0.zip 46 MB

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